Buyer’s Guide


Realize your dream to own a DMCI property that you and your family can enjoy. Experience the urban lifestyle. Get an address in a strategic location without buying expensive lot. Invest in a property that has a lot of potential to appreciate in value through the years. Earn passive income by renting out your property in the future. Don’t let your money sleep in the bank, giving you less than 1% return per year, why not invest on Philippine properties giving you better return on your investment. Act now, reserve your own unit today!



(The following requirements may change without prior notice, so always check to your broker if there have been recent changes. Additional requirements may be required, case to case basis.)

1. Valid ID (Government-issued preferred such as Passport, Driver’s License, SSS ID, UMID, PRC ID) Should be valid and not expired.
2. Reservation Agreement form (We will provide the form)
3. Client Registration Form (We will provide the form)
4. Reservation fee of 20,000 pesos (will be deducted to your down payment) for a unit and/or 10,000 pesos for parking

After reservation, other requirements are needed including the following:

1. Valid ID (Government-issued preferred such as Passport, Driver’s License, SSS ID, UMID, PRC ID) Should be valid and not expired.
2. Marriage Certificate (For Married Buyers only)
3. Proof of Billing Address (You should use similar address to your address in the Reservation Agreement form you submitted. If you don’t have proof of billing, you can make use of someone else’s with authorization form)
4. Signed Computation Sheet provided by us
5. BIR Tax Identification Number (TIN)

After completely submitting the above requirements, we will now draft your contract for the unit and/or the parking lot. The contract usually released after a week.

Modes of Payment for the Down Payments

1. Post dated checks (PDCs) from a Philippine bank. If not available, you can use a friend’s or relative’s checks with signed authorization letter
2. Auto debit arrangement (ADA) from any of our accredited banks. You will need to sign an ADA form and valid ID for this
3. Bills payment option through our accredited Remittance Centers ( for OFWs and Foreign Buyers)

The down payments are usually paid during the preselling period or the construction period of the property. Monthly payments are affordable.

Upon paying the down payment, the remaining balance, shall be loaned through Bank Financing or In-house financing. We have many accredited banks and we can help assist you in securing a home loan for your condo unit.